Slide Ashley Clarke (Managing Partner)


With over 20 years of complex sales and marketing experience in the software industry, Ashley is a business leader who has coached and mentored sales and marketing teams to drive sales effectiveness and significant revenue success and growth. Ashley firmly believes in investing in a team as well as in the process to drive sustainable results and to maximise revenue. Summarising some of her key findings during her career, Ashley shared

  • Sales Strategy and Planning: “when things get difficult – and your real test as a leader is during these times – your decisions and actions make the difference. You can hunker down or use the time to fight. Sales strategy and plans need to be revisited and adapted. Without this, it is easy to deviate to activity and not focus on effectiveness. Everyone is busy doing things right but are they doing the right things? ”
  • Creating and Managing High Performance Sales Teams: “in terms of generating ongoing and sustainable success, your team is critical. People no longer buy from people, teams buy from teams and too often sales management focus is purely on driving the deal. From recruitment to sales execution the optimisation of our teams is paramount. You need to ensure each member is working at their peak and that the team pulls together through ongoing coaching and development.”
  • Effective Sales Management: “it surprises me how often sales performance is reliant on a handful of key players. The coaching and time you spend with these people does add value but may not deliver a proportional revenue return. It is ironic that disproportionately we spend more time with top and bottom performers rather than where we can drive the most improvement and therefore revenue. As a leader, you need to know where to spend your time to maximise returns!”