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It’s tough out there! There are more buyers engaging later in the buying journey. They are investing less time with sales professionals and are more risk averse. Conversely, product offerings are more complex and the market is more competitive. This year will see companies survive, thrive or fail and sales will play a large part in that outcome!


In adverse times every action and engagement counts. How effectively your sales organisation executes becomes synonymous with how well you perform as a business. The questions any business should be asking their sales organisation are:

FILL – are you creating enough of the right sort of opportunities? Are your funnel metrics healthy? If not, why not? What you do now to address this will protect your future pipeline.



FLOW – are your sellers equipped to effectively manage the buying group? Failure to do so will lead to buyer frustration and can impact their confidence in your businesses ability to address their challenges. Are the team proactively planning to win?

WIN – are you closing enough of the opportunities you choose to pursue? Is the value and quality of the opportunity being protected?

In today’s sales world, Insight Selling has become the defacto standard. How well has your team transitioned?

If they have not (and many have not), they are behind the curve in an increasingly competitive world. Pockets of success are not enough – you need consistent and successful application to weather the storm.

The first step is training. Whilst training is important it’s what happens next that will drive your sales effectiveness. Companies who do not have a plan beyond training are more likely to waste their money.

Slide FLOW WIN FILL Messaging
Lead Generation
Territory Planning
Account Planning
Win Planning
Stakeholder Management
Disrupting Using Insights
Constructive Tension
The Buying Journey
Business Case
Negotiation & Closing
Forecast Accuracy


Achieving sales effectiveness is a marathon and not a sprint. The approach will be determined by where you are in the race or, simply put, the level of your team’s sales maturity. At Thyme Business Consulting the starting point is an assessment of sales maturity across FILL, FLOW and WIN.

The output is a tailored plan to help you drive sales success quickly and systematically. It also allows you to ensure you are targeting areas that maximise your investment. Focusing on embedding new concepts into the working environment as quickly as possible, the approach provides coaching and supporting tools and processes to drive adoption.