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People no longer buy from people, teams buy from teams. With the number of buyers in the average buying group reaching 11 in a complex sale and with those buyers engaging potential suppliers later and later sales is more challenging than ever!

Win teams are formed quickly and may need to incorporate new members seamlessly. It is a fast paced and high pressure environment! Your team are competing and every engagement has to be of the highest possible quality. Generic team training just does not handle the complexity and dynamics of the sales environment.


The reality is that whilst team spirit and relationships can be strong, this does not equate to effective team work. Human nature dictates that we tend to gravitate to like minded people but this is not how effective teams are created. The impact of getting it wrong is big.

Poor quality engagements: without a strong team your customer engagements will appear disjointed and under prepared which can impact credibility and ultimately your ability to win business. Whilst this may become apparent through increased escalations, the blunt reality is that you may never know. The customer will likely not want to waste further time but will move forward with another supplier whose team has outperformed yours.

Sales effectiveness: poor team work will also impact your sales effectiveness. This can lead to longer cycle times, a higher cost of sale, more discounting and lost opportunities. In the extreme this can also be responsible for poor morale, a blame culture and increased conflict.

Are you leveraging the resources you have fully to ensure every member of the team is performing well within the team or are you relying on one or two key individuals to deliver the results?


What if you could leverage the strengths of each and every team member and mitigate the areas they struggle with? If each team could do this easily, it would allow you to assemble high performing teams quickly and effectively giving them the best opportunity to succeed.

High performance team selling requires more than rallying around an opportunity and plan. Ensuring every member of the team is engaged and working effectively together to deliver winning engagements requires situation specific training and tools.

Thyme Business Consulting provides the framework to encourage diverse thinking, healthy debate and constructive tension that builds winning teams!