Slide SUSTAINABLE Introduction Solution Challenges


Identifying and addressing areas that are limiting growth is an ongoing challenge for many organisations. Whether you are planning to grow organically or through acquisition, understanding the current maturity of all aspects of the sales organisation is key. This will allow you to prioritise investment where it will drive most impact.

The most important role in a revenue driven organisation is that of the sales manager. Your sales managers will set the tone for sales approach, discipline, demand creation, revenue generation, culture and more. Sales managers are typically promoted from the best sales representatives but the role is fundamentally different! It’s a sad reality that we also often under invest in our sales managers. Have you set your sales managers up for success?


The role of sales management is twofold

Steward of the talent: leading, managing and developing the team to ensure that each member is operating at peak performance and that the team is a well oiled machine.

Steward of the numbers: ensuring demand creation activities are ongoing, that the team has a healthy and well managed funnel, that the appropriate sales processes are followed, that they remove internal red tape and that the team gets the support required to maximise their win rate.

A well balanced approach to sales management can have a dramatic impact on performance. Purely improving the time and quality of coaching can increase sales team performance by 19% and increase win rate of forecast deals by 20%!